For those reading who don't know me, or have forgotten my name, I am Neil Gordon and I intend to keep this blog up to date with my travel activities in Japan - taking place from mid July 2010 till some time in January 2011.
I'm English and am interested in the Japanese culture and language, as well as computers and technology.
The blog name neiltanken is simply my name + 探検 (tanken) - which means expedition.


Map of places & routes

Please note I am still updating the map and routes, and will try and continue to add places etc as I visit them.

See map on a larger scale: Neil's Expedition


Initial Plans / Rough Schedule

So, this is my first post to the main blog I intend to log my trip to Japan on! (I also intend to keep my Japanese blog updated, and possibly a third copy on mixi - Japan's solution to facebook)

Here is my rough itinerary, based on the one I used when applying for a working holiday VISA.

Stay in Kuki Shi (City) in Saitama prefecture with my friend.
See the 天王様 (ten'ousama) paper lantern festival taking place in Kuki on Saturday 18th.
Make more detailed travel plans for the rest of the trip.
Sight see places of interrest in Tokyo including:
Akihabara, the imperial palace, the kabuki theater (oops, seems they closed for rebuilding till 2013), the hama rikyuu palace garden, tea shop and
Sumida river trip.
Travel to Hokkaidou and stay with the first WWOOF host in Niseko town for two weeks.

Stay with first WWOOF host till the 9th.
Stay with the second WWOOF host in Kamifurano town for two weeks (10th - 22nd).
Stay with third WWOOF host in Iwate prefecture (23rd - 5th September).
Visit Visit Visit Chuusonji

Stay with third WWOOF host till 5th.
Stay with fourth WWOOF host in Tochigi prefecture from about 6th for about 2 weeks.
Visit Toushouguu Shrine
About 2 weeks of sightseeing to be planned nearer the time.

Travel to Shikoku and Start Henro (88 temple pilgrimage)
Stop for a few days in different places throughout Tokushima prefecture and Kouchi prefecture.

Continue Henro.
Stop in places in Ehime & Kagawa prefectures.
Complete Henro.

Stay in Osaka for about 3 weeks.
Sightsee Osaka.
See Osaka Castle
See Tosa Inari Shrine
Sightsee Kyoto.
Visit Hyougo prefecture & sightsee Himeji castle.
Visit Mie Prefecture & Sightsee Ise Shrines & visit mini-himeji castle
Stay somewhere in Tokyo, preferably with convenient transport access to the Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (big sight) from 25th till about January 10th.

Go home...? Get some kind of paid work & stay longer...?