For those reading who don't know me, or have forgotten my name, I am Neil Gordon and I intend to keep this blog up to date with my travel activities in Japan - taking place from mid July 2010 till some time in January 2011.
I'm English and am interested in the Japanese culture and language, as well as computers and technology.
The blog name neiltanken is simply my name + 探検 (tanken) - which means expedition.


Henro Day 40

I passed the boundary between 3 of the 4 prefectures in Shikoku today – Ehime, Tokushima and Kagawa. Today I went from Ehime to Kagawa, but temple #66 alone is just barely located in Tokushima prefecture.


From about 3KM from the ‘bus hotel’ I walked along the boundary between Tokushima and Kagawa.


I saw 2 foxes among the scenery just starting to redden from Autumn. When I got closer I discovered they had been eating a dead boar.


Miyoshi City, temple 66 – Unpenji. At a height of 900 meters, it’s the highest point in the pilgrimage.


These statues were on the path out of Unpenji, I wonder just what they mean. I’ll investigate later.


There was a blackboard for walkers to write on at a rest stop provided by Minshuku Aozora. I wrote in the top left. I noticed later, looking at the photo that I got my age wrong… what the heck.


Mitoyo City, temple 67 – Taikouji


I had udon for lunch. Yum!


Kanonji City, temple 68 – Jin’nein and…


Kanonji City, temple 69 – Kanonji. Within the same precinct as #68. It seems I forgot to photo the Daishi hall.


Japanese inn close to #68 & #69 – Fujikawa Ryokan

It seems like it’s run by a family and they were all very cheerful, the food was good too. They also had some manga so I read a bit.


Henro Day 39

Today I only walked 17KM and visited one temple. I took it easy.^^


A picture of Shikokuchuuou City I took part way up to #65.


Shikokuchuuoushi, temple 65 – Sankakuji

I met the TI-san couple and KMK-san and SK-san again here.


As I’m sure you can tell from this Japanese maple, the autumn leaves are getting very pretty.


Descending from Sankakuji, and a Henro rest stop which was on the road.


I took a break with the other 4 at the extra temple Tsubakidou.


I went ahead of the others to a ‘bus hotel’ belonging to an okonomiyaki bar.


Inside the bus. There were 2 beds, a TV, a kettle, air-conditioning, a heater, a kotatsu*, a fridge and a microwave oven. A surprising array of facilities.

I reached it at about 2, so I spent the time writing blog posts and watching TV.

I went to the okonomiyaki bar at 6 and ate an okonomiyaki and talked to the regular customers – one of whom bought me yakisoba as a settai.

I refused beer several times, but in the end they poured me some anyway so I drank and enjoyed several glasses – because I had to. (excuses…)


Henro Day 38



I walked mainly on the main road, but these pictures are of the old route I walked a little.


I took a break at Enmeiji, one of the extra temples (not one of the 88)

TI-san and wife as well as KMK-san and SK-san were resting here too, so I greeted them and continued.


An ironic scene I noticed in Shikokuchuuou City (The sign saying Eco Town next to a smoking chimney)


Shikokuchuuou City, Ryokan Taiseisou

The building was old but comfortable. They still use one of the first generation microwave ovens! Wouldn’t it be best to sell off as an antique? lol

P.S. I first tried to make a reservation with Business Hotel Takao, but they have a racist “no foreigner” policy – please boycott them hmmkay!


Henro Day 37

I visited #63 and #64, then walked a little further after entering Niihama City and stayed at “hagyuuan” a zenkon inn which HWS-san told me about.


Saijou City, temple 63 – Kitsushouji


Saijou City, temple 64 - Maegamiji



Niihama City, the Hagyuuan zenkon inn

Two of us stayed at Hagyuuan. The other guy called himself “katatsumuru” (snail), apparently because his backpack is his home.

It was pretty spacey and had clean blankets, one of the better zenkon inn’s I think.