For those reading who don't know me, or have forgotten my name, I am Neil Gordon and I intend to keep this blog up to date with my travel activities in Japan - taking place from mid July 2010 till some time in January 2011.
I'm English and am interested in the Japanese culture and language, as well as computers and technology.
The blog name neiltanken is simply my name + 探検 (tanken) - which means expedition.


Potato time

Today I harvested potatoes with T-san, his wife, his son and C-san.

We seperated those over 60 grams from those under by estimation and put those in large sacks.

The small and severely damaged potatoes are to be made into starch, and the others are apparently to be used in foods.

We boiled a few of them in our lunch break and ate them with butter and salt. They were delicious.


To Kamifurano!

Yesterday I gave my farewells to the host I was with in Niseko a little sadly and went to Kamifurano.

I met the host (here on T-san) and he drove me to his farm where he lives with his family.

This WWOOF host has a seperate single floor building for WWOOFers to stay in.

It consists of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen/dining/living aream a toilet, washroom and a shower.

It's a nice place to relax in free time.

(2 pics)

T-san lives with his family in a loghouse he self built, and he introduced me to said family.


So, today 2 girls from Hong Kong who were staying left, leaving myself and a man from Hong Kong (here on C-san).

Today's job was to help thresh unhulled rice (with a thresher machine).

(photo) The rice coming out is seperated by quality.


Kept you waiting!

I haven't been updating my blog much, so apologies for the wait!
I'll go over some things I've been doing whilst in Niseko.
I made part of the house's deck with the other WWOOFers and also helped make the formwork for the next part.
We went to the nearby Makkari Onsen (hot spring) about once every day.
It was my first hot spring, but you get a good view of Mt. Youtei from the open bath and it's very relaxing.
I also helped make bread, icecream and helped a little with some meals.
Besides that, I've walked some of the local area.

And climbed Mt. Youtei with 5 others!

After defeating Mt. Youtei, we went straight to the Niseko Bon Odori (a festival I think is all over Japan, and is to welcome and entertain the sprits of ancestors who get to come back on this one day.)
One of the WWOOFers joined in a Karaoke contest and got 3rd place. She had an amazing singing voice.
I also joined in the dance, although it was only a poor copy of the lady in front of me.