For those reading who don't know me, or have forgotten my name, I am Neil Gordon and I intend to keep this blog up to date with my travel activities in Japan - taking place from mid July 2010 till some time in January 2011.
I'm English and am interested in the Japanese culture and language, as well as computers and technology.
The blog name neiltanken is simply my name + 探検 (tanken) - which means expedition.


Henro Day 46

I finally completed the pilgrimage today!

It hasn’t really hit me that it’s over yet.


Sanuki City’s Maeyama Dam


Service stop Nagao. There are various displays and information about the Henro pilgrimage. The man working here wrote my name on a certificate to say I’d walked the pilgrimage.


I encountered some monkeys walking towards temple #88.


When I got as far as #88’s gate, I had some udon noodles before entering. (lol)


Sanuki City, the 88th and last temple – Ookuboji.


The middle picture shows the staffs of many walkers who completed the pilgrimage then gave their staff as an offering.


I then walked about another 10KM…


And arrived at Shiratori Onsen! The room was a little small, but being able to soak in a hot spring bath and eat good food was nice. The food in the photo above is breakfast the following morning.

Tomorrow I plan to walk back to the first temple Ryouzenji and complete a circuit of Shikoku.

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